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Emily Carmen

an artist that is representing the chronic illness and disability community
and so much more..........

Emily Carmen aka The Em C is a songwriter and electric violinist that thought she was destined to be the female version of film composer, Danny Elfman, until an unexpected serious life altering chronic illness and medical disability shifted her life and she discovered a hidden true talent and calling. Emily Carmen started writing songs while enduring horrific chronic painful symptoms. They were unexplainable and undiagnosed for many years, despite tons of doctor and hospital visits.

To help herself cope with a sudden new life filled with constant chronic pain, inability to eat or drink without agony and a great day being if she was able to walk out of her room and sit at the kitchen table. Em C found comfort and friendship throughout her near decade of undiagnosed medical misery and hell by writing songs about her frustrations and fears as a young woman completely isolated and alone due to her sudden life changing medical disability and severe chronic illness.

Once finally diagnosed, Emily Carmen completed her studies in audio engineering at SUNY Purchase graduating summa cum laude with a degree in studio composition. Emily Carmen not only completed her entire bachelor degree in only two years, she also worked with the greats of film music, (i.e. Ira Newborn (Ace Ventura, Naked Gun film franchise), Sonny Kompanek (orchestrator for The Coen Brothers) and Steve Sandberg (Dora The Explorer.)

Upon graduation, Emily Carmen moved to Los Angeles to pursue her work in film music and found her way to writing string arrangements for popular artists and producers (Macy Gray and Grammy winning producer Jared Lee Gosslin) and performing with different artists as their electric violinist. Over time, Emily returned to New York realizing she was tired of hiding behind other artists and using her talent to only assist others in pursuing their own careers in the music and entertainment industry.

Seeing how rarely the chronic illness and disability community was heard in the music and entertainment industry, Emily Carmen was determined to become an artist that represents her community. Songs from when Emily Carmen started to become ill have been lost in the hard drives of time and little by little they are being resurrected, completed and soon to be released in an EP called "Miss Diagnosis." The Ep of Em C.

The first single,"1950s Housewife," will have a music video (directed by Mao Hanada and produced by Anita Lok.) It is scheduled to be released by March 2023 and will be a three part release. There will be three separate versions so that it is all inclusive. So that the hearing impaired and visually impaired communities will be able to experience the music video.  A version with audio description, a version with ASL (American Sign Language) and the original version with option for closed captioned lyrics. Each will be released on separate release dates. This is so that every version has equal attention and they all have their moment to shine as well as will be able to help raise awareness for the disability and chronic illness community in the music and entertainment industry. 
Get ready for an EP consisting of a strong powerful mix of the songs that created the strong determined artist and advocate, Emily Carmen. 

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